The Meta Conversation
I'm not the biggest sports fan. Neither is my friend, Carlo (name changed to protect the innocent). Because of this, we will frequently have this conversation when necessity dictates that we talk about sports.
Carlo: Did you see that game?

Me: Yes, that was a close one. What did you think of that critical action that made a major difference to the outcome?

C:That player is overrated. The decisions by the referees were horrendous.

M: Definitely the worst I've seen this season

and so on and so on...

I've seen this apply with technologies where one (or sometimes both parties) have little to no idea:
RandomArchitect1: What is your take on the WS-TX standard [or any random acronym]?

RandomArchitect2: Well, it's still pretty early to say. Isn't the new spec out soon?

RA1: It just came out two or three weeks ago, and the new version has some great new features.

RA2: Yeah, but how long will it take to pass our governance reviews?

and so on and so on...

So it's a good idea to avoid the Meta Conversation in all areas. Someone could be on to the lack of knowledge. I've noticed that the Meta Conversation only exists in meatspace/face to face meetings. For webex everyone just googles and IQs shoot up 20 points.
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