SOA Registries- What I need
I was cleaning out my briefcase and found some notes I had written down about what characteristics I need in an SOA registry (or repository if you're one of those people).

I've seen almost all of these features spread out across a couple of different products, but I think eventually you will need these in order to have a successful SOA implementation. Each of these items deserves a whole post, so I'll keep it brief in this post.

A last note before I start enumerating is that I think SOA Registries are more useful at the private/internal/enterprise rather than the outdated public UDDI model of 5 years ago. Registries needed to enable an enterprise's modular development, but aren't required for locating public services as it's pretty much impossible to get all the different providers together in one registry.

So that's a couple of useful things that I'd like to see in my service registry. It goes beyond what some of the big vendors are selling by adding in some user centric features. Don't think that this is all based around bottom-up as there is still governance and all the other stuff that goes into the review a service is put through so that it can make it into the registry.


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